Will and the People (UK) + support TBA

Concert | Rock Reggae Pop
Doors 21:00 | Start 21:30

Will and the People (UK) + support TBA

Doors 21h | 18.-

Big crush here !

Will and the People is an English band from Brighton, a UFO in today's musical universe: they live, compose and write together. They mix various styles such as Rock, Reggae, Pop, Grunge, Ska,... Their music is fun, spontaneous and catchy. Each of their concerts is a catchy and enchanting show, which makes them a real phenomenon in England and everywhere they go. After having played in a royal wedding in Bath, a bathtub in Reading, a Fiat 500 in Rome, a yacht in Monaco or the elephant dressing room in Cage, they come to us with their freshly released album. A band to discover absolutely!