Postponed / Saraka (CH) // Album Launch + Los Billtones (CH)

After DJs Sonido Resistencia
Concert | Tropical Groove & Reggae
Doors 21:00 | Start 21:00

This concert is postponed, we are trying to find a new date.
Your tickets remain valid. 

Saraka (CH) // Vernissage + Los Billtones (CH)
After DJs Sonido Resistencia

Doors 21h | 18.-

In the beginning, Saraka used to play in the street, at the station, at the markets, here, there, under your balcony at night or so far away that you thought they had evaporated. But suddenly they come back and there are four, five, seven of them, and they tell of playing in the worst and best bars, for weddings, in Italian gelateria, in the Lisbon Castle, in squats of all kinds, hanging from the Wandering Towers, In 6 years, Saraka has gone from three to eight musicians, from covers to compositions, from acoustic-scary to amplified-psychodic, from the street to the big halls, including 3 self-produced albums.
The result today is a music inspired by Afro grooves, mixing reverberating guitar riffs, warm-humid wind melodies and bass lines that sweat trance and invite to dance. The result is the launch of the album "Amaromar" and the huge party that will continue!

And to make things right, their friends from Los Billtones, who are also on their label Rad Fyah, will come and set the evening on fire with their Reggae, Rocksteady and Dub. A mega after DJs will have you dancing until dawn.