The Mystery Lights (US) + Virgin Bitch (CH)

Garage Rock’n’Roll
Doors 20:00 | Start 20:30

The Mystery Lights (US) + Virgin Bitch (CH)

Doors 8:00 p.m., beginning 8:30 p.m. | 15.00 p.m. in presale, 6.00 p.m. at the doors

Who was there at their concert at our house in 2016 ?!

The New York Garage band, spearheading the Rock sub-division of Daptone Records (Wick) led by charismatic singer-guitarist Mike Brandon, returns to present their 2nd album "Too Much Tensions" released in May 2019. While keeping the percussive approach of the first effort, this second LP deepens the eclectic influences of the different members, with a more enriched aesthetic spectrum, without echoing the past. Bringing together mysterious synth sounds which remind us of The Normal or Suicide, the energy and arrogance of the Golden Age of Punk, the Pop sensibility of The Kinks, and the spontaneity and sophistication of The Television, The Mystery Lights are more than ever on their way to take their idiosyncratic Rock to the top.

"They are real assholes playing assholes music" Weasel Walter... Virgin Bitch incites a joyful naive debauchery with a strong aniseed smell... Blues Rock oozing drunkenness and smoky cellars... The soundtrack for the end of the world, a kind of eternal party... waiting for everything to finally disappear. [dejan]