Louis Jucker & Coilguns (CH) - play Kråkeslottet + I was a Child (CH) // Vernissage + Harpe (CH)

Folk Rock Lo-Fi Punk
Doors 21:00 | Start 21:00

Louis Jucker & Coilguns (CH) - play Kråkeslottet + I was a Child (CH) // Vernissage + Harpe (CH)
Doors 9pm | 15.-

Tonight, we gathered the best of the Suisse romande scene to celebrate the EP release of: I was a Child: Guillaume Ducommun's new solo project. An uplifting line up.

After releasing a first self-produced EP and then making a small shift to electronic sounds on the indie label Hummus Records in 2015, Bertrand Vorpe decided to surround himself with long-time friends, Pauline Sangsue (drums, keyboards) and Luca Jeannerat (trombone, voice) to sublimate his intimate acoustic universe. The result is a music with a hint of Folk and Pop with Nordic accents, all wrapped up in his ethereal and melancholic voice.

Spending your childhood among musical parents. Often weekends on the road, in a bus transformed into a camper van. Discovering the first concert halls, sleeping at the back of the stage in a sleeping bag, between two concerts. Growing up and going on stage with no right to drink at the bar. First groups, first experiences, the love of music quickly becomes an addiction. To make music, but also to develop it, to give to people, to share, to help others, to believe in them. Start building your life with one motto: to be able to free yourself any day of the year to go on stage. No boss, no employment contract, becoming independent, going for it. Records, concerts, magnificent projects, full of adventures and essays, meetings, projects as a musician, but also the projects of others, beautiful projects, support them in every possible way. Music, is not always easy. The more you dream, the higher you fall. People can be very hard. To discover that music can come before many things for some people. No more dreams, everything is gone. Where do we go when we no longer have dreams? We don't really know. A whole life based on dreams that have disappeared. Why get up in the morning? And in the end, making music for the right reasons, in peace. Because it is necessary. Because expressing yourself is necessary. Because sharing is necessary!

KRÅKESLOTTET, Louis Jucker's new solo album, was released on March 1, 2019 on Hummus Records. This album was recorded in January 2018 during a trip to northern Norway, around a former fishing hut on the Atlantic Ocean. Later in June of this year, Louis Jucker joined his colleagues from the group Coilguns to create a live version of the album that allows these big punk musicians to play sophisticated and soft arrangements for organs, bass, drums, guitars and strange sounds on cassettes. So enjoy it, it will be one of the last concerts with this project!