Ici d’Ici #11 Avec MAMA / White Dune / LePhar / Moving Stairs

Soul Funk Punk-Rock Electro
Doors 21:00 | Start 21:30

Ici d'Ici #11
MAMA / White Dune / The Phar / Moving Stairs

Doors 9:00 p.m., concerts 9:30 p.m. 5.


Mama is a singer with Soul and Folk influences. Accompanied by a guitarist, a bass player and drum machines, she navigates with subtlety between energy and emotion. Her compositions are both engaged and sentimental, through her soft and powerful voice.

White Dune

Funk/Soul/Disco quartet from Fribourg. It was during a trip to the vastness of the Sahara that two of the members decided to create a band together. After that, it was an osmosis that created everything that exists today! 

Moving Stairs

Punk-Rock band formed a year ago, they rehearse intensely in their Avry location. They're ready to make you pogo!


A music lover since he was a child, LePhar, that you have already seen in the famous bands from Fribourg, Le Flux and Lélents, went on discovery journey to more electronic sounds. We promise you an energetic and dancing live set that you won't forget!