Full Metal #65 : Syberia (ESP) + Mouche-Miel (CH) + Dallas-Arbiter (CH)

Concert | Post-Rock Post-Metal Stoner
Doors 21:00 | Start 21:00

Full Metal #65

Syberia (ESP)+ Mouche-Miel (CH) + Dallas-Arbiter (CH)

Doors  21h | 15.- 

We're excited to launch this Full Metal weekend! 
With Syberia from Barcelona who will play their new album "Seeds of Change", released in 2019. They wonderfully mix Instrumental Rock, Dream Pop, Metal and Shoegaze.

In the early evening, come and discover the new Post Stoner project: Dallas-Arbiter. In this trio from Fribourg, there's Vincent Yerly, guitarist of the late Dog Days, who has been feeding on seventies rock and never recovered from the Stoner wave. At his side is bassist Sylvain Aebischer, a member of Darius, the band who gave goosebumps to the federal council. Last but not least, drummer Jean-Marc Wenger, patented metronome of Tar Queen, square and omnipresent in the centre of the set. 

Mouche-Miel is the duo Math-Rock-Metal from Saint-Imier who is going up, up. Word of mouth on them is excellent, so come and check it out!