Chocolat Show : Cirk’Alors

De la compagnie In Toto (F)
Cirque miniature pour clown à-tout-faire
Doors 10:00 | Start 10:00

Chocolat Show : Cirk'Alors
From the company In Toto (F)
Recommended from 3 years old, paid from 3 years old | 45 minutes

Brunch 10h00 | Show 11h00
Price with brunch: Adults 25.- / Children 15.- / Family Pass 80.- 
Price without brunch: Adults 20.- / Children 10.- / Family Pass 60.- 

New in 2020, in partnership with the association Familles nombreuses (, we offer you the Family for 2 adults and 2 children.

Cirk'Alors ! Familiar circus expression that marks astonishment and surprise. English translation: Cirkus O' Well!

In a circular space like a miniature circus, a clown opens the doors of his tent. Between a number of wild plastic bags, balancing on musical notes, taming an unruly tiger, Zen Yin bowl for Yang spirit, poetry invites itself under the red and yellow garlands. The performance competes with humour, the excess is here in the very small and everything becomes possible.

Cirk'Alors takes the spectator on a tender, sensitive and funny journey to the centre of the star ring, where the codes of circus will be revisited. Approach, approach but beware of the tiger all the same.