Concert & Party

CANCELLED / La Grooverie #2: Donny Benét (AU)

+ La Brise, Gimbir & Quuu + Flying Davidos
Disco-Pop House Fun
Doors 21:00 | Start 21:00

This show is cancelled, your tickets will be reimbursed. 

Doors 21h00 | 15.- in presale, 18.- at the door.

Donny Benét is to Disco-Pop what The Dude is to White Russian and the bathrobe. It's not for nothing that this lover of Italo-Disco and the extravagant synths of a Miami Vice soundtrack is also known as "The Don". Donny is a guy who's committed to having fun, and he's completely committed to it. But at the same time he manages to create brilliant music. There are synths, bouncy bass lines, euphoria, carefree, licked melodies, casual hits. We're a fan and we'd advise you to check out his videos! He's coming to us with his new album and his band to bring you back to the 80s. DONNY FOR PRESIDENT!

In between, your favorite DJs will be there to set you up on family Disco House Funk!