Concert & Party

Viva Cumbia !!!!! Captain Cumbia (F) + Los Orioles (CH)

+ DJ Gimbir
Cumbia-Beats & More
Doors 21:00 | Start 21:00

Doors 9:00 pm | 15.-

Multi-instrumentalist, singer, DJ and producer, "El Súper Desperado" from Ménilmontant is a specialist in Cumbia in all its forms.
In his cumbiero lab, he enjoys mixing, remixing, "mashuper" Colombian, Mexican, Amazonian and Argentinean Cumbia with Hip-Hop, Reggae-Dance Hall or even Balkan-Beats. On stage, he plays simultaneously  turntables and melodica, from singing to güiro, productions of his own or traditional Cumbia songs. A crowd-shaker, this showman irresistibly leads you into dance. Long live Captain Cumbia!

Like a gang travelling the world, the seven musicians of Los Orioles seem to have used a style from each country: Cumbia in Colombia, Dub in Jamaica, West African rhythms and guitars, but also the most alternative French-speaking fantasy songs. Sung, rapped or declaimed lyrics that swirl in an endless reverb in the middle of a precious selection of grooves from all over the world.

Free with the card 20 ans 100 francs