Quiz Night

Quiz Night Spécial Star Wars

Doors 19:00 | Start 19:15

Doors 7 pm, beginning 7:15 pm
Registration by teams of maximum 6 people at: julianna@nouveaumonde.ch until November 26.

Quiz in french

A long time ago, in a galaxy, far far away. 

There is unrest in the New World, clone armies are fighting against the Jedi knights to seize power. 

The rebels do not give up, they are equipped with an absolute weapon against the evil Galactic Empire. 

The Senate has begun to secretly build a new armoured space station, who will save the galaxy? 

You have understood, on the occasion of the next release of episode IX, our Quiz Night takes you to Tattooine, Naboo and Mustafar to refresh your memory and celebrate the end of the legendary saga!

5 additional points will be awarded to disguised teams (elaborate disguise).