Ici d’Ici #8: Seb + Eïla + Brotherhood + Yorkshire

Rock’n’Folk / Women Choir / Hip-Hop Trap / 70's progressive Rock
Doors 21:00 | Start 21:30

Doors 9 pm, Concerts 9:30 pm | 5.-


Seb (Rock'n'Folk)

The Rock and Folk rhythms played by Seb and his guitar take on Blues hues according to the moods of their melodies. The compositions of this "One man band" tell singular stories that are melancholic, critical and challenging.


Eïla (Women Choir)

Eïla is a choir of women who perform tribal, folk and traditional songs from all over the world. A great intimate moment that does not lack intensity.

Brotherhood (Hip-Hop/Trap)

Locked in their studio for far too long, Brotherhood (Mino & Proan) are here for one of their very first live show with the firm intention not to make you forget it!

Yorkshire (70's progressiv Rock)

Travelling between Rock 70's and Progressive Rock, with a lively, cheerful, rustic and cunning temperament, the Yorkshire Quartet is a band with a biting edge.


Free with the card 20 ans / 100 francs