H E X (CH) + Ølten (CH) + Bunkr (CH)

Rock Post-Satan Noise
Doors 21:00 | Start 21:00

Doors 9:00 pm | 15.-

A perfect line up ! 

A line up for those who like earsplitting eerie experimental rock, hard, electronic whatever this is! 

A line up that starts in la Chaux-de-Fonds passes by Delémont and ends up in Geneva (a bit of fribourg also, Hey Laure! ).

A line up that scares the wise, scares our parents, scares our liver.

A line up that doesn't please your neighbour, but that pleases you! You who like weird names, your ears, you who support the magnificent Swiss music scene, you who like Hummus Records and Cold Smoke Records, you who simply don't know what to do on this evening of April 20th.

A line up that makes me write anything, that will make you do anything, that is anything.
This tray, it's so beautiful.

Anyway, come out!

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Gratuit avec la carte 20ans100francs