Genre Nocturne N°3 feat. Mille Sept Sans Conférence de Ari de B : Mon corps, mon dancefloor

DJs : Ngami Mille Sept Sans, Madame Xangò, Gouze & Ramen Tatöscha
Conference & Party | All style
Doors 20:00 | Start 20:00

Conference at the exhibition wing of the GA: 8pm-22pm, Party at the NM: from 10pm | Free admission

The socilogist Lissia -aka Ari De B or Habibitch on the internet - decided in 2012 to devote herself to dance, a tenacious passion since her childhood. After discovering voguing and then joining a House (Mizrahi), she entered a hip-hop school where she met waacking - a love at first sight -, which she practiced and taught. Today, she tries to reinvest these community dances with their narrative and political senses through her (dis)courses and performances, thus bringing together her intersectional decolonial activism and her art. She will present a conference on "my body, my dancefloor".

A big hits party will follow in the New World hall from 10pm with Ngami Mille Sept Sans, Madame Xangò, Gouze & Ramen Tatöscha!