Freistival: Elvis Aloys (CH), LØRE (CH), Cosmo Colorado (CH), Belmont Witch (F), The Gegus (CH), Bazooka (GR), René Binamé (B)

DJs The Doogies
Friendly Punk Festival
Doors 14:00 | Start 14:00

Friday from 7pm, Saturday from 2pm | 3pm, 25pm on both evenings

Between the Café de l'Ancienne Gare and the Nouveau Monde, the FREISTIVAL is back to play some bad tricks on you.
With lots of concerts (free or not, punk or not) and other crazy activities. But above all, good mood and our long-time friends from the FREI association. CHEERS !


ANCIENNE GARE (free entrance)


BANDIT VOYAGE (Geneva) - Transe Lo-Fi - https://soundcloud.com/bandit-voyage

What if Alan Vega and Lizzy Mercier Descloux did a duet? Rhythm box, trance disguised as a stroll, guitar in hand, bass in the hips, hair in the wind, sure French, hesitant English, romantic sometimes...




AMORCE (Switzerland) - Hip-Hop - https://www.facebook.com/AmorceRap/

It's a first in Freistival! Hip-Hop! Yes but not just any ! Here, we have a big band of surfine quality, which draws its inspiration from various musical scenes. From rap to metal, blues to noise, the members use their rich artistic experiences to create original sounds. The texts are successively chanted, sung and hammered and follow each other with virtuosity to the rhythm of the thundering beats. A real gem of the kind that we are happy to show you!

WARFUCK (France) - Grind Punk - https://warfuck.bandcamp.com/

Formed in 2011 by a Lyon-based duo, Warfuck asserts its ultra-brutal grindcore beyond the borders of the stratosphere. Their latest LP "This Was Supposed to Be Fun", released in 2018, is remarkably effective. A dazzling blow of mass falling with wrath, on the back of the neck. Be careful, Nouveau Monde, it's going to be bloody! 


OBACHT OBACHT (St. Gallen) - Bedroom Psych Rock - https://obachtobacht.bandcamp.com/

OBACHT OBACHT is a return to the lo-fi roots, to the nocturnal solitary recordings of psychedelic rhymes. But OBACHT OBACHT OBACHT is also a family rock band that takes your hand and guides you through an ethereal world of contrasts. At the crossroads between dark blues strolls, fuzzy rock'n' roll and psychedelic reverie, ladies and gentlemen, the boat is sailing!


ARSENAL FÉCAL (Fribourg) - Wock'n'Woool / Punk Covers - https://mx3.ch/arsenalfecal

Arsenal Fécal is the breakdown of a marmalade of outdated tubes with WOCK'N'WOOOL sauce, metal, or even a love song.... After a moment of stupor or even uneasiness, behind the distortion, the excessive volume and the improbable costumes, one can easily perceive the sweetness and innocence of the most tender childhood of these three mysterious troubadours




ANCIENNE GARE (free entrance)





ELVIS ALOYS (Vevey) - Drone & Lo-Fi Ballads - https://soundcloud.com/inner-dreq

Member of the hyperactive Zahnfleisch alliance, Elvis presents his blonde hair dye and glasses in drones and Lo-Fi ballads. Solo, with a guitar, his voice and some machines.


LØRE (Fribourg) - Noise Rock - https://www.facebook.com/loretheband/

A bunch of friends who love decibels and feedback, gathered in a cellar to do what they know best: playing too loud. Mixing angry riffs, dark songs and striking drums, LØRE is mostly rock'n' roll!  You will not even hear yourself think!


COSMO COLORADO (Kreuzlingen) - Dark Wave Garage

The Horst Klub in Kreuzlingen is an undisputed Stammtisch of the European garage and punk scene. Cosmo Colorado is one of the freaks who run this place. A kind of one-man-band that comes out of nowhere, synth punk garage gothic synth punk !




BELMONT WITCH (Paris) - Post-Punk - https://belmontwitch.bandcamp.com/

With texts in French, English and Spanish dealing with feminism, gender violence, origins, youth hopes and the fate of refugees at the borders, Belmont Witch sounds so real and current: a primitive post-punk tinged with 90's colours.

THE GEGUS (Lucerne) - Rock'n'Roll - https://thegegus.bandcamp.com/

The roots of Rock'n'Roll and Rhythm&Blues have rarely sounded so festive: an explosion of garage-punk and power-pop. Lucerne's inhabitants know it: SCHNAPSZEIT


BAZOOOKA (Athens) - Garage-Punk - https://bazookabzk.bandcamp.com/

You missed the Stooges in the 70s? Bazooka brings us back this primitive trance: powerful drums, nonchalant bass player and rhythm guitarist, and a possessed singer expressing the anger of the new Greek generation. Each of their concerts is a success.


RENÉ BINAMÉ (Belgium) - Legend of Punk - http://www.aredje.net/biname/

You are not serious... Is it really necessary to introduce René Binamé? The legendary Belgians have been officiating for more than 30 years. They have given their music an intergenerational dimension, thanks to their punk ritornello and their true revolutionary hymns, always tinged with black humour, like the color of flags flying above libertarian ideals! Anyway, if you don't know the Binam's, it's because you're not from this galaxy...

DJs The Doogies