Metal Hardcore Crust
Doors 21:00 | Start 21:00

Doors 9h00 pm | 15.-

Cult Leader was born in 2013 after the dissolution of Gaza, and although it perpetuates in many ways the work of its former avatar, the group has clearly evolved by contrasting its writing, drawing the energy of its wild deflagrations from its Hardcore/Crust roots and exploring the meanders of morbid ballads reminding us of King Dude or Chelsea Wolfe. The Americans have now released two Eps and two Lps through Jacob Bannon's label, Deathwish Inc. (Converge, Deafheaven, Code Orange, Oathbreaker...), each bearing the mark of creative audacity and technical virtuosity. It is no longer just a brutal violence, it devours you, it overwhelms you in a new way. Their new album "A Patient Man" is a little gem to discover as soon as possible!

The four Fribourgers of Challenger (ex-Redheads are Vampires) will introduce you to their dark and chaotic universe, a Post-Hardcore stratosphere where light and darkness mix.