Concert & Party

Corine - Live (F)

+ Collectif Genre Nocturne + DJs Magic Martinos & Flying Davidos
Disco Funk Pop
Doors 21:00 | Start 21:00

Doors 9:00 pm | 20.- in pre-sales | 23.- on the same night

"I am the girl from your region, the hairdresser from your village, the beautician from your small provincial town. I'm also a singer with a peroxidized hair." This is how Corine presents herself, a kind of a feminine Philippe Katerine who disrupts codes and disturbs, a UFO straight out of the 80s. The singer, who is constantly expanding her audience, unveiled her sweet, funny, Disco, Funk and kitsch universe as she wanted to, on the occasion of the release of her first album "Un air de fête". A multifaceted disco ball, which shines with a thousand lights and transports you into another spatial, temporal and musical dimension. A little gem we love. She will come to present it on stage with her musicians and her crazy desire to make you dance.

The collective Genre Nocturne and the DJs Magic Martinos & Flying Davidos will take care of setting you up before and after the concert. The night looks long, especially since the next day is a holiday!


Gratuit avec la carte 20ans100francs