Ciné Kids

Ciné Kids : Le Père Frimas et autres merveilles hivernales

Présenté par Le Nouveau Monde et le FIFF
Cinéma | Famille
Doors 14:30 | Start 15:00

Doors 2:30 pm, beginning 3pm | 10.- adult, 5.- child (from 3 years old)

Program of 4 short films
Russia, South Korea, France
French and without words
46 minutes
From 3 years old

Free DIY workshop after the screening.

Let yourself be carried away by the Christmas magic with four adventures all in poetry.

Meet Father Frimas, a wonderful character with enchanting powers who, every winter, ensures that snow covers the entire forest. But this year nothing is going as planned....

A joker rabbit, a lucky kitten and a magic puppy are also part of this tender winter short film program.