Chocolat Show : Panique chez les Mynus

Par la compagnie Colegram (F)
Interactive Scientific Show
Doors 10:00 | Start 10:00

Recommended for ages 5 and above | Free starting 3 years old | 60 minutes

Brunch 10:00 | Show 11:00 | Price with brunch: Adults 25.- | Children 15.- | Price without brunch: Adults 20.- | Children 10.-

For more than 10 years, two complicit scientists have succeeded in nothing more than triggering disasters... They will therefore need the precious help of our public to cross our solar system, meet the Mynus and avoid all the traps. Physics laws, chemical reactions, numerous experiments and discoveries as funny as they are spectacular will be necessary to save the Mynus and discover their amazing invention!

At the crossroads of Guignol and C'est pas Sorcier, embark on a funny and incredible story: Panique chez les Mynus is a show combining science and adventure. Children and their parents are invited to actively participate in the story by going on stage to conduct the experiments. This creation makes it possible to approach scientific knowledge in an original and entertaining way, thus transforming learning into games and pleasure!

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