Café Scientifique: Discrimination in hiring - 101

In collaboration withc l'Université de Fribourg
Doors 18:00 | Start 18:00

18h00-19h30 | Free admission | Conference in french 

Is the professional world accessible to all? What are the prejudices that candidates face? What tools do human relations managers have at their disposal? When do the first discriminations really begin?
Are the first professional orientations really neutral? And don't young people sometimes have to arm themselves to go beyond their own limits?

A coffee offered as part of the Week Against Racism.


Tania Ogay, Professor of Anthropology of Education and Learning, Unifr

Mallory Schneuwly Purdie, researcher at the Swiss Centre for Islam and Society

Hellena Herrera, Project Manager and Advisor for the Consultation Service, Caritas Switzerland

Eric Davoine, Secretary General of the Association Francophone de Gestion des Ressources Humaines and Professor of Human Resources and Organisation, Unifr

Moderator: Vjosa Gërvalla, Deputy Head of the platform