Cadillac (Stupeflip Crou) (F) + Sept Scaroles (CH)

After Dj Ricklou
Rap Rock Electro
Doors 21:00 | Start 21:30

Doors 9:00 pm | 23.- presales, 25.- on the same evening

Next day off !

Cadillac, the favourite accomplice of the great wizard of the Stup Crou, has been involved in the adventure since the beginning, putting the shows in sound and light, producing part of the videos, composing or participating in the writing of a significant part of the mysterious and nevertheless popular group's discography. Today, Cadillac is emancipating itself from Stupeflip with a solo album "Originul" of which he composed and produced all the titles, all the songs, summoning the other members of Stup for featuring. An unclassifiable, committed and delirious universe, a speech of proximity that has consolidated an incomparable fan base. Stupeflip does nothing like the others, and crushes raw rap, dirty rock, hardcore variety, colored punk and sick electro. Cadillac's project, which extends the experience of benevolent terrorism, comes at the right time to satisfy the appetite of the Crou's fighting legions. The virus is spreading, over and over again.

Sept Scaroles is RAP (Rhythm And Poetry) documentary, which diverts Creole canine proverbs into French, marvels at bad boys and glorifies the poor. Sept Scaroles is the bastard crossing of a thousand-year-old Hip-Hop and an irreverent African electronic variety (AfroHouse, Soukouss, Funana). Digitalized humid tropical guitars , tragic spaghetti westerns violins and escaped synths. Sept Scaroles seeks to understand why twerking is feminist and takes advantage of his release from prison to conduct a participatory investigation into cultural appropriation.