The Aggrolites (US) + The Rebel Assholes (F) + Løre (CH) + ...

HOUSE FEST 2 - Friday
Punk Ska & Hardcore
Doors 19:30 | Start 19:30

Punk, Ska & Hardcore Festival
Doors 7:30 pm | 23.- one night, 40.- week-end pass

2nd edition, twice as much fun, twice as much love! Let's not forget that this festival is above all a beautiful family reunion, the real family, the one we have chosen! So let us leave rac.fasc.sex.ism, homophobia, looser behaviour, filthy stupidity to the rest of the world. Let's embrace, at least for a weekend of open-mindedness and pleasure, the one we share so much! As many bands that we've loved for decades have said very well: punk-rock is much more than music!

Stands : Collectifs Droit de Rester et Poya Solidaire, Inhumano Records, Culture Famine, Flash Tattoos.

BAD & GOOD NEWS // La Pegatina unfortunately have to cancel their entire November tour because their singer blew his knee out during a stagedive at a concert in Madrid!

Fortunately, we were able to move their concert to Friday, April 3, 2020!

For people who have purchased tickets, if you want to keep your ticket for April 3rd, please write us an email at: stagiaire@nouveaumonde.ch  
For the others, your ticket is of course still valid for saturday 23.11, where Last Call Fernanda will blow your mind off with their awesome live show in the toilet again, it's going to become a tradition, and a crazy Punk Rock Karaoke awaits you! 


House Fest 2 - FRIDAY


Løre (CH) // Vernissage - Rock Voisin - https://www.facebook.com/loretheband/ // 20h25-21h10

The Aggrolites (US) - Dirty Reggae - http://www.aggroreggae.com/ // 22h15-23h30

The Rebel Assholes (F) - Punk Rock - https://www.facebook.com/rebelassholes/ // 00h30-01h10

+ After DJs House Fest Team // 01h10-02h45


Movin In Stereo (SWE) - Pop Punk - https://www.facebook.com/Movininstereo/ // 19h40-20h15

Andy and the Outsiders (CH) - Folk Rock - https://www.andyandtheoutsiders.com/ // 21h20-22h05

Mercy Music (US) - Pop Punk - https://www.facebook.com/mercymusicforyou/ // 23h30-00h20

Fun41 (CH) - Sum41 Tribute // 01h20-02h00



Mercy Music & Movin In Stereo (US/SWE) - Acoustic // 21h20-22h05

La Piratrye (CH) - Folk Punk // 23h40-00h20


House Fest 2 - Saturday :


La Pegatina (ESP) - Ska Punk Rumba - https://www.lapegatina.com > ANNULé mais déplacé au 3 avril 2020 !

Shut Up Twist Again (F) - Punk Rock - https://www.facebook.com/Shutuptwistagain/ // 20h35-21h20

Wank for Peace (F) - Punk Hardcore - https://wankforpeace.bandcamp.com/ // 22h20-23h05

La Jungle (B) - Techno Noise Rock - https://lajungleband.com/ 00h10-01h10

+ After DJs Change is Future // 01h10-02h45


Last Call Fernanda (CH) - Emo-Math-Rock aux toilettes - https://www.facebook.com/lastcallfernanda/ // 19h15-19h40

Muscu (F) - Punk Hardcore - https://www.facebook.com/muscuband/ // 19h50-20h25

Midrake (CH) - Pop Punk - https://www.facebook.com/1234midrake/ // 21h30-22h10

Karaoké Punk Rock ! // 23h15-00h00

Blink 131 (F) - Blink 182 Tribute // 01h20-02h00


Flo Chmod (F) - Post Folk - https://www.facebook.com/flochmodfolk/ // 21h30-22h10

Migre Le Tigre (CH) - Folk Punk - https://www.facebook.com/Migre-Le-Tigre-197327033670944/ // 23h15-00h00