House Fest

Punk, Ska & Hardcore
Doors 19:30 | Start 20:00

This festival sprouted in the sick brains of three agitators from the French-speaking Punk, Ska & Hardcore scene. Party geniuses who have frequently organised concerts in their living rooms.

Getting back to basics is good! For the occasion, we will therefore open a new place in the Ancienne Gare building to create a second "Feel at home stage": the basement. 
Come and support this festival which promises to be totally crazy!


Scène Nouveau Monde

Skarbone 14 (B) - Ska Punk - https://www.skarbone14.com/

Todos Destinos (CH) // Vernissage - Ska Punk - http://www.todosdestinos.ch/

65 Mines Street (F) - 2 Tone Ska - http://www.65minesstreet.com/

After Dj Bado Boy


Scène Sous-Sol (entrées limitées)

Blondy Biterousse (F) - Générique Punk

Überyou (CH) - Punk Rock - https://uberyou.bandcamp.com/

The Boring (F) - Hardcore Punk - http://the.boring.free.fr/

Last Call Fernanda (CH) - Emo-Math Rock - https://lastcallfernanda.bandcamp.com/